A Three-Way Tax-Free Exchange

In a two-way exchange, the owner may use a deferred exchange, which sells the property for cash, which is then held by an intermediary until the owner chooses a replacement property. That property is then purchased for the owner by the intermediary. This may not be satisfactory because of the time limits in this type of exchange.

Pre-Leasing To Secure Construction Financing

Banks will be making some loans on real estate during this year. The borrower will have to have documentation on everything. The loan application must be perfect. Whether it's a new office building, industrial warehouse, retail shopping center, or high-rise residential apartment building, investors and lenders increasingly demand to see a substantial portion pre-leased before they are willing to put up construction money.

Making A Tax-Free Exchange Of Partnership Property

There are many limited partnerships that own rental property. Suppose a real estate limited partnership plans to sell rental property of the partnership to a third party and one or more of the partners wants to defer tax through a tax-free exchange (rather than receiving cash for their partnership interests). It is important that the proper procedure be followed so that an actual exchange takes place between the partners seeking a tax-free exchange and the third party.

Investing In Industrial Properties

If you haven't considered industrial properties as an investment vehicle, it may be time to take a look. Warehouse and distribution (W&D) properties are of interest because their standard layout suits a wide range of users, in contrast to specialized manufacturing facilities. Industrial properties look good for the following reasons:

Controlling Overdue Rents

A critical indicator of a management company's success is their effectiveness in controlling overdue rents. A well-run property should not have chronically delinquent tenants. However, when delinquency does occur, immediate action must be taken. A list of all delinquent rents must be prepared showing all tenants who have not paid, or for those who have partially paid rents and other monies due. In addition, a delinquency report recording the manner and date of all collection attempts should be prepared.

Is a High Risk Troubled Property Right For You?

In any market, good or bad, there are always problem properties. Most are only troubled or problem properties because of the current ownership. Some may be neglected only because the present owner has failed to do fairly simple things that can solve the problems. Buying property and solving problems is a profit-making business.

Development and Financing of Raw Land

When an investor purchases land to build on, the next step is land development and financing. "Land development" cannot be precisely defined; generally, it refers to the physical, legal, and engineering processes needed to convert raw land to land (or lots) on which buildings can be place

Considerations in Ground Leasing

Landowners may choose the ground lease as a way to benefit an easy and risk-free investment vehicle and as a way to secure the long-term appreciation of the property.

A Comfort Zone in Loans and Investments

Each investor has a "comfort zone" about loans. The leverage seeker wants the largest loan that is practical. Others may have experience or training that calls for no loans at all. They must have the property free and clear.

Taking Over a Neglected Investment Property

It is hard to believe that someone can totally neglect a valuable investment property like a multi-unit apartment. It happens. The run down property may have been acquired from a seller who did not understand real estate investments and failed to manage it at all.

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