Getting Tenants into a Difficult Property

When an investment property is located in an overbuilt market, the marketing effort must have good planning and direction. Just throwing large amounts of money into the effort can be a waste. Rather than broad advertising, a narrower action may be required. Keeping the local brokers who specialize in leasing constantly updated about the amenities of a certain building may be the best way to make it more marketable.

Apartments are the Favorite Investment

Investors purchase income producing real estate to make money. Apartment properties, as always, continue to be the favorite investment property for many investors

Advantages and Risks of Single Tenant Properties

Around 25% to 35% of the value of commercial properties are single-tenant properties (STPs). This large percentage means that institutional investors such as pension funds, as well as smaller investment groups must consider this type of investment. There are many uses ranging from office to industrial to retail. They can include office buildings, warehouses, department stores, supermarkets and other retail use. There are advantages and disadvantages in this type of ownership compared to multi-tenant properties.

The Job of an Asset Manager

Owners of large portfolios of investment properties will usually call on asset managers when they need to make strategic business decisions involving management of these properties. Areas of concern are overall leasing strategy involving rental rates and tenant concessions, in addition to repositioning or redevelopment, tenant mix, managing bulk service contracts.

Preventative Maintenance Reduces Major Problems

Preventative maintenance is one of the most important components of successful property management. An aggressive preventative maintenance program should be developed for both large and small properties, regardless of whether building staff consists of only a part-time maintenance worker or a larger number of employees supported by a computerized maintenance program. Aggressive maintenance means trying to foresee any problem.

Opportunities to Increase Income

We are certainly all looking for ways to increase income in the present market conditions. Sometimes the possibilities for changes are right before us. If you now own a commercial property or an apartment complex, you might try looking at the property with new eyes to see if you can spot any changes that could make you some extra rental income.

Help With Investment Real Estate

When you have searched for new real estate investment opportunities, with values that have been changing, you know that finding and evaluating them is becoming more sophisticated and complex. More investors are turning to real estate consultants as a means of providing a sounding board for their ideas as well as expertise in the planning and construction stages for their projects.

Main Elements of Tax Deferred Exchanges

The following are points that participants in a tax-deferred exchange should keep in mind when starting an exchange transaction:

Costly Mistakes In Real Estate

Investors sometime make investments in real estate that turn out badly. They may then blame the loss on the "real estate cycle" when there were mistakes that could have been avoided by better planning and analysis. Based on data obtained through interviews with more than 200 real estate practitioners, several costly mistakes were identified and discussed.

Commercial Real Estate Representation

There are a number of ways to buy, sell or exchange investment or commercial real estate. Having the knowledge of what you can do in some tax situations can be the difference between an annual profit or loss in a property that you intend to acquire or one that you already have in inventory.

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