Cooperative Land Development

The acquisition and improvement of land is a large-scale operation and requires large amounts of capital. This has created methods of land acquisition that gives the developer access to and control over a large enough tract to make development economical without requiring an initial outlay of all of the capital necessary to acquire such a tract. From the point of view of the landowner, the disposal of a large tract at a good price may require a formula that will encourage the developer to commit improvement and development money for part of the tract that will build future value into the entire tract.

Can Your Apartment Complex Be Converted To A Condo?

The owners of many apartment buildings have found that rental prices have not changed much, and may be thinking about selling. The owner of an apartment complex, rather than sell, realizes the condominium conversion may be a good way to cash out the property.

The Shopping Center of Today

The shopping center of today as "the new downtown" is a change from the centers built originally. They were a collection of stores for retailing, rather than a newer, more modern "down town" or "town center".

Maintain Property Landscaping For Profits And Image

Owners and property managers must watch the nickels and dimes as well as the dollars that are spent on the property. Save one dollar in operating costs and (assuming a 10% cap rate) value of the property increases by $10. That is why owners are always looking for new ways to economize. In addition to saving money, we are always looking for a way to invest a little in the property for a good return.

Apartments To Condo Conversions

In a lot of areas, homes and condos still may be at bargains in price and both may be attractive buys. Condos can be more affordable, particularly for first-time home buyers.

Office Building Vacancy Comparisons

In a slowed economy, newer buildings may fill up at the expense of older buildings. Since new buildings cost more to build than the older ones, rents may be higher. The actual dollars-per-square-foot costs must be compared, along with other benefits that the tenant may receive, before a final decision is made by the tenant on staying or moving.

Improving Your Investment Portfolio

When you make your investment in real estate, it is implied that you want to make money. The cash can come from direct income from the property or from capital gains from a sale after an increase in value. Either way, the investment must be managed, considered, and watched at all times. If the owner and manager are taking care of business, there may be ways to increase the income, and the value. There is always the possibility to make a sale for the right price and terms. Keeping aware of the market might bring an opportunity to make a tax-deferred exchange into a property with more benefits for the owner.

Benefits of Using A Real Estate Tax Free Exchange

The main benefit of a tax-free exchange is just that-freedom from a tax. The gain that could be realized by one or both of the principals in the exchange transaction does not need to be recognized at the time of the closing. The gains tax is deferred until the property owner makes a taxable disposition of the new property at some later time.

Specific Manager For Owner Requirements

Real estate investments can be set up to generate one or more types of returns. Once the owner specifies the type(s) of return desired, the mix of returns, and expected timing, the property manager can develop an appropriate management plan.

Increased Need For Self-Storage Units

A recent study showed that about 7 percent of the population used self-storage in 2014 vs. only 2.5 percent in 1989. This may be because of the increasing mobility of the population, requiring people to store possessions for various lengths of time.

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