Combining Build-To-Suit With A Tax-Free Exchange

There is a great deal of control that can be exercised over the type of property to be received in a tax-free exchange. In one case, the taxpayer designed a brand-new building for himself to replace property to be given by him in exchange. In addition, the taxpayer provided financing for the new building's construction.

The Buyers For Income Properties

If you are new to investing in income property, you may have made a choice in advance of the type of investment property that you wish to own. There are many good types of investment properties: apartments, office buildings, shopping centers, high rise parking garages in downtown areas, warehouses, resort rentals and many others.

Space Sharing Executive Suites

With the revolution in communications, building owners must keep up with the changing needs of the corporate tenant. Often the larger, well-organized businesses do not need the space that was necessary just a few years ago. Electronic communications to and from employees have substituted for leased office space.

Suburban Office Buildings

With available investment capital becoming available, demand for commercial real estate continues. Suburban office buildings remain many investors primary acquisition target.

Investment Decisions: Garden vs. High Rise Apartments

There are distinctions between garden and high-rise apartment buildings when viewed as investments.

Help With Investment Real Estate

When you have searched for new real estate investment opportunities, with values that have been changing, you know that finding and evaluating them is becoming more sophisticated and complex. More investors are turning to real estate consultants as a means of providing a sounding board for their ideas as well as expertise in the planning and construction stages for their projects.

Condominiums Built For Business Owners

Like apartment dwellers who are finding that it is less expensive to buy than to rent, business and professional firms are moving toward buying offices rather than leasing. While buying or constructing an entire building is an option for major corporations or for smaller firms outside metropolitan areas, owning commercial space generally means being part of a condominium structure.

The Assemblage Option

The option is an extremely versatile investment tool that comes in a variety of forms and can be used for a variety of purposes. The best part of an option is that it gives the optionee (the party holding the option) control over property (in the sense of the right to acquire it) for a very small cash outlay. In effect, it achieves a very high degree of leverage and conserves cash, two goals sought by both real estate investors and real estate speculators.

Preparing A Complete Loan Package

There has been a sense of caution among lenders during the period of lowered economic activities. Bankers may be more difficult to convince today, even with the loan request on the best properties. When preparing the loan package for presentation to the lender, the real estate borrower must be as complete as possible the first time.

Marketing Your Apartment Property

When we are marketing your apartment property, we have a two-fold job facing us. First, we must persuade the prospective buyer to go out to see the property, then, second, get him to see it though your eyes, with its full potential fully realized. Creating the well-conceived descriptive sales "package" or report on the property can help to accomplish both of these aims.

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