Improving Your Investment Portfolio

When you make your investment in real estate, it is implied that you want to make money. The cash can come from direct income from the property or from capital gains from a sale after an increase in value. Either way, the investment must be managed, considered, and watched at all times. If the owner and manager are taking care of business, there may be ways to increase the income, and the value. There is always the possibility to make a sale for the right price and terms. Keeping aware of the market might bring an opportunity to make a tax-deferred exchange into a property with more benefits for the owner.

Benefits of Using A Real Estate Tax Free Exchange

The main benefit of a tax-free exchange is just that-freedom from a tax. The gain that could be realized by one or both of the principals in the exchange transaction does not need to be recognized at the time of the closing. The gains tax is deferred until the property owner makes a taxable disposition of the new property at some later time.

Specific Manager For Owner Requirements

Real estate investments can be set up to generate one or more types of returns. Once the owner specifies the type(s) of return desired, the mix of returns, and expected timing, the property manager can develop an appropriate management plan.

Increased Need For Self-Storage Units

A recent study showed that about 7 percent of the population used self-storage in 2014 vs. only 2.5 percent in 1989. This may be because of the increasing mobility of the population, requiring people to store possessions for various lengths of time.

First Impression Checklist For Marketing Apartments

A new tenant and an investor share the same impression of an apartment property from the curb. Before marketing apartments, think about the outside appearance. The "look" affects not only an ability to attract prospective buyers, but the rental program as well. First impression by both expected buyers looking and tenants alike are crucial.

Finding Vacant Land to Develop

In major cities, looking for vacant land is difficult. A builder can look for vacant land but also must look for buildings that are in a condition that looks like they are no longer productive. A neighborhood that is in decline might be rejuvenated by tearing down a building and replacing it with a new office building, high-rise shopping center or apartments. Starting with one property might transform several blocks of a blighted area over a period of months or years. If an opportunity like this presents itself, it can be time to get options to purchase adjoining properties. An owner of an old building may be just waiting for an offer of some kind.

Financing Land For Development

When an investor purchases land to build on, the next step is land development and financing. "Land development" cannot be precisely defined; generally, it refers to the physical, legal, and engineering processes needed to convert raw land to land (or lots) on which buildings can be placed.

Things To Look For Before Investing In Apartments

With real estate values stabilizing, apartment properties throughout the country are the most sought after rentals. Assisting new buyers with the purchase of a residential rental is the job of the commercial broker. When you are looking at different properties, we will furnish full information on existing and potential loans, income, expenses, etc., to help you make the right choice.

The Insurance Owners Must Require Tenants To Carry

Insurance coverage must be addressed by both landlords and tenants. For the run-of-the-mill daily problems, a landlord must have the maximum coverage for the building and the tenant's leases. The tenant must cover the business with coverage that will protect it. What if you have a small disaster that is easily repaired, but you lose a tenant because he was not covered for the damage inside the business?

Shopping Centers: The New Town Center

Shopping centers have been changing. Increased spending power in the population is supporting new mall construction and the renovation of existing centers. Now the newer and renovated centers are becoming more mixed use, with hotels and office buildings being incorporated into the plans. Larger malls are providing more than just shopping. We are seeing more cultural attractions, medical clinics, health clubs, spas, and other facilities locating there.

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