Contact Your Property Manager Before Your Real Estate Investment

If you are about to acquire an income property, consider contacting the management company in advance. The ability to estimate income and expenses and a keen knowledge of the market makes the manager a valuable asset during the preacquisition process. The property manager has the background necessary to provide significant assistance in determining both the location, desirability and economic feasibility of a property.

A Three Party Real Estate Exchange

In a two-way exchange, the owner may use a deferred exchange, which sells the property for cash, which is then held by an intermediary until the owner chooses a replacement property. That property is then purchased for the owner by the intermediary. This may not be satisfactory because of the time limits in this type of exchange.

Commercial Development In Rights Of Way

In many metropolitan areas, commercial land for development is in very short supply. Developers are converting older warehousing to shopping areas, demolishing existing buildings to build new projects in areas in transition. However there may be many hundreds or even thousands of parcels of property that have been overlooked. Many are ready for commercial development close to downtown areas, suburban commercial developments, and densely populated areas. Owners of many of these properties consider the property as "surplus" and have not considered development.

Help With Investment Real Estate

When you have searched for new real estate investment opportunities, with values that have been changing, you know that finding and evaluating them is becoming more sophisticated and complex. More investors are turning to real estate consultants as a means of providing a sounding board for their ideas as well as expertise in the planning and construction stages for their projects.

Reasons For A Real Estate Exchange

The real estate exchange takes more patience and hard work to set up a successful exchange than it does to arrange a straight purchase and sale. Some property owners and their agents simply do not understand the benefits of an exchange or are worried about the strict requirements imposed by the Internal Revenue Code.

Investing In The Self-Storage Industry

Self-storage facilities (originally known as mini-warehouses) are relatively new investments compared to apartments, office buildings, retail or industrial. Approximately 50 percent of the current inventory of space has been built in the past 10 years. This has been the result of increased demand, with the number of people using self-storage having increased at a pace faster than population growth.

Extra Income From Campus Apartments

When an owner has an apartment property near the campus of a university, there are particular problems. The competitive situation dictates that leases be offered for one semester of nine and a half months. A twelve-month lease for students is virtually unheard of. That means there are lots of vacancies as soon as final exams have ended. (This does not apply to a few university communities where there is always an apartment shortage. In those few places, the student must lease for 12 months or have no lodging.)

Screening Prospective Tenants

The property manager provides the tenant applicant with the lease application which must be filled out for the interview. A leasing agent may assist during the review process, but the final selection of tenants is ultimately the property manager and owner's responsibility.

Office Market Report for 2013

Click through to read and download NAI CIR's 2013 Year End Office Market Report.

Considerations In Ground Leasing

The lessor's evaluation of the deal must focus on the quantity of income projected pro forma but also must include a clear assessment of the likelihood of actual receipt of projected rent.

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