Inspecting Investment Property: 6 Things To Check

When a buyer makes an offer on an investment property, it is usually only after a thorough inspection of all of the data that is available on the financial records of the building. Certainly, a good physical inspection is also made.

Who Buys Commercial Property?

When we represent a seller of a commercial property, we try to determine, as soon as possible in the marketing process, what type of buyer is most likely to be interested in this particular property. We then focus the main appeal on those elements that are most important to that type of buyer.

Investing in Apartments: What Suits You?

Here are a few tips on types of apartments and ways to invest in them. There are totally different types of tenants in these different kinds of units. Looking at an apartment property for investment, choose the type of property you want to own, and think about where your tenants will come from.

Newest NAI white paper released

Click here to read the newest white paper by Dr. Peter Linneman, NAI's Chief Economist, entitled "Suburban Office: A Dying Breed?"

Alternative assets set to gain ground in 2014

Read this interview with Jay Olshonsky, president of NAI Global, for insights into next year's global real estate market.

Commercial Real Estate Market Shows Signs of Stability for Investors

Click through to read an article from the CCIM Institute.

Central PA Market Summary

Click through to download the NAI CIR Central PA Commercial Real Estate Market Summary

New YouTube Video!

Click through to watch Dan's newest YouTube offering.

New Linneman White Paper - European Debt Crisis

"Greece will default on its debt. The only questions are when, how and who will be left holding the bag?" says NAI Global Chief Economist Dr. Peter Linneman.

NAI CIR 2011 Q2 Industrial Market Report

Click through to read this analysis of the Central PA industrial real estate market.

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