Extra Income From Campus Apartments

When an owner has an apartment property near the campus of a university, there are particular problems. The competitive situation dictates that leases be offered for one semester of nine and a half months. A twelve-month lease for students is virtually unheard of. That means there are lots of vacancies as soon as final exams have ended. (This does not apply to a few university communities where there is always an apartment shortage. In those few places, the student must lease for 12 months or have no lodging.)

Screening Prospective Tenants

The property manager provides the tenant applicant with the lease application which must be filled out for the interview. A leasing agent may assist during the review process, but the final selection of tenants is ultimately the property manager and owner's responsibility.

Office Market Report for 2013

Click through to read and download NAI CIR's 2013 Year End Office Market Report.

Considerations In Ground Leasing

The lessor's evaluation of the deal must focus on the quantity of income projected pro forma but also must include a clear assessment of the likelihood of actual receipt of projected rent.

Risky And Troubled Properties Can Be Opportunities

In any market, good or bad, there are always problem properties. Most are only troubled or problem properties because of the current ownership. Some may be neglected only because the present owner has failed to do fairly simple things that can solve the problems. Buying property and solving problems is a profit-making business.

Financing Your Development

When an investor purchases land to build on, the next step is land development and financing. "Land development" cannot be precisely defined; generally, it refers to the physical, legal, and engineering processes needed to convert raw land to land (or lots) on which buildings can be placed.

Upgrade Older Buildings For Profit

One of the ways to increase income and value is to upgrade an older property. In every community, anyone who looks can usually find a number of commercial buildings, apartments or offices that need to be modernized. Some are for sale because the present owner may not recognize the increased return that they could get or do not want to make a further investment. The property might be purchased at a bargain price that is based on the current cash return.

Fix Problems in Income Properties for Profit

There are always problem properties in any community. Some are only troubled or problem properties because the current owner does not know how to fix them (or will not). The present owner may have failed to do fairly simple things that can solve the problems. This can be an opportunity for someone who can do the work. Buying a property and solving problems that plague it is a profit-making business.

It's Easier to Keep Tenants Than Find New Ones

A property manager may spend quite a large amount of money advertising to fill vacancies in a building. Once the tenants are in, everything within reason is done to keep them happy and paying the rent. It is difficult when one of these tenants is enticed to move to another location.

The Right Investment at the Right Time

The recession has affected real estate more than economic turndowns in recent decades. The government reports that this economy is now showing signs of a turnaround. If it is improving, now may be the time to start thinking of the next real estate investment.

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