Additional Ways To Increase Income

We are certainly all looking for ways to increase income. Sometimes the possibilities for changes are right before us. If you now own a commercial property or an apartment complex, you might try looking at the property with \"new eyes\" to see if you can spot any changes that could make you some extra rental income.

Benefits Of Commercial Condos

When the word condominium is mentioned, do you always think of residential properties? Of course, most condominiums are ones that people live in. But, let's consider the other condominiums. There are all kinds. Any type of rental real estate can be converted to a condo.

Emergency Plan In Your Building

Building owners and managers are becoming aware of their obligations to prepare for emergencies that can happen in buildings. The examples of the terrorism emergencies or fires throughout the country and the world are reminders of what can happen.

Preventative Maintenance Reduces Major Problems

Preventative maintenance is one of the most important components of successful property management. An aggressive preventative maintenance program should be developed for both large and small properties, regardless of whether building staff consists of only a part-time maintenance worker or a larger number of employees supported by a computerized maintenance program. Aggressive maintenance means trying to foresee any problem.

Controlling Property with Purchase-Option

Some investors look for the short-term investment with less of an emphasis on "doing business" and more pre-investment research on controlling property for the maximum gain in the short term. These investors often use the option or purchase-option.

Costly Mistakes In Real Estate

Investors sometime make investments in real estate that turn out badly. They may then blame the loss on the "real estate cycle" when there were mistakes that could have been avoided by better planning and analysis. Based on data obtained through interviews with more than 200 real estate practitioners, several costly mistakes were identified and discussed.

Knowledge About Tax Deferred Exchanges

There are many points that participants in a tax-deferred exchange should keep in mind when starting an exchange transaction. Even though an exchange may be tax-free at the federal level, it may be taxable at the state or local level. One party to an exchange may qualify for tax-free treatment even though the other party does not.

Warehouses: A Great Investment

When Syndicates, partnerships, investment companies and their individual participants look at investments in commercial properties, many tend to look at properties that have that bewitching charm of glamour in brochures. A beautiful office building or an enclosed shopping center seem to have a more acceptable "status" as an investment property. These buildings can be nice to drive by and point out as "our" investment.

The Type Of Buyer For Commercial Property

When we represent a seller of a commercial property, we try to determine, as soon as possible in the marketing process, what type of buyer is most likely to be interested in this particular property. We then focus the main appeal on those elements that are most important to that type of buyer.

The Attraction Of A Flex Building

A high percentage of speculative low-rise industrial buildings today are flex buildings. Developers are favorable toward the flex building as it will meet the needs of many modern sophisticated industrial building users.

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