Acquire Loans On Vacant Land

The conventional lenders, banks, savings and loans and similar institutions may slow their funding of the more speculative projects. However private lenders do make loans on land. They will usually loan on land that is intended for early development and will limit the term from a minimum of one year to a maximum of three years.

Decision To Lease Or Own Commercial Property

Whatever the kind of property used, the user has the option of purchasing or leasing. Should you buy the house you live in, or lease it from someone else? With few exceptions, there would be an overwhelming response to "own it." The benefits weigh heavily toward ownership. With business property, the answer sometimes may be a lease instead.

Good Apartment Management Leads to More Profits

Investors purchase commercial income producing real estate to make money. There are two obvious ways of making money from a property. First, the owner takes a share of the annual operating profit generated by the investment, and Second, profits from increasing the market value of the investment beyond what it would be because of inflation alone.

Obtaining Land for a Project

Acquiring land for development is necessary no matter what kind of market we are in. Professional real estate assemblers are always looking at and acquiring under-utilized sites within cities or in suburbs. Here are some ideas on how those professionals do it.

The Potential Profits of Upgrading

When you look around a community, you will usually find a number of properties that need to be upgraded. When you want an increased return on an older property it may be time to modernize that property. Some existing owners do not recognize the increased return that they could get or do not want to make the necessary investment. Often these buildings can be acquired at a price that reflects the return based on the current condition.

Investment Planning For Everyone

A prospective investor may have a problem getting started with a real estate investment because of the great variety of properties that are out there. They may be fearful that someone will "sell" them something - something that is wrong for them.

Increasing Cash Flow in Apartment Properties

Since the value of a rental property is based directly on the cash return, adding value means increasing cash flow. When small investors set out to increase real estate values, the steps are in upgrading houses, duplexes, triplexes, etc., enhancing the cash flow and therefore increasing equity when the property is sold,

Checklist For An Apartment Investment

When any particular apartment building is under consideration for purchase, there are a number of factors that should be considered. Location is always at the top of every list of considerations in real estate. Always check not only the building itself but also the entire neighborhood. How does this building compare with others in the area? How do rents compare? How close is a business area and is there adequate transportation?

Shopping Centers: More Popular Than Ever

Shopping centers have been changing. Increased spending power in the population is supporting new mall construction and the renovation of existing centers. Now the newer and renovated centers are becoming more mixed use, with hotels and office buildings being incorporated into the plans. Larger malls are providing more than just shopping. We are seeing more cultural attractions, medical clinics, health clubs, spas, and other facilities locating there.

Insurance Coverage By Owners and Tenants

Insurance coverage must be addressed by both landlords and commercial tenants. For the run-of-the-mill daily problems, a landlord must have the maximum coverage for the building and the tenant's leases. The tenant must cover the business with coverage that will protect it. What if you have a small disaster that is easily repaired, but you lose a tenant because he was not covered for the damage inside the business?

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