The Purpose Of Real Estate Appraisals

The purpose of any real estate appraisal is to determine the market value of the property being appraised. The handbook of the Appraisal Institute defines market value as:

Property Management Ideas

With the new revolution in communications, building owners must keep up with the changing needs of the corporate tenant. Often the larger, well-organized businesses do not need the space that was necessary just a few years ago. Computers, faxes and e-mail have substituted for leased office space. Managers are more willing to grant favorable lease terms to operators of shared space. The operator sometimes receives a monthly management fee for operating the shared space plus a portion of rent revenues over a certain amount.

Apartments Are Most Popular Investments

In the world of investment real estate, multifamily housing is still the most popular type of real estate investment. Currently, it continues to account for nearly one third of real estate investment transactions. This has been the most popular type of investment because of rising rental rates.

Filling Vacancies In Office Buildings

Office buildings are now excellent commercial properties to own, with plans throughout the country for new construction. In certain areas, however, there are still a number of vacancies reported. Most of this available space is in the newer properties. One of the most important jobs of a leasing agent for a building with this available space is to analyze other buildings to see if any tenant could be induced to move.

Types Of Apartments & Ways To Invest In Them

Of the housing starts and new building permits in recent times, apartments outnumbered single-family homes. The demand for rentals remains very strong. Owners of foreclosed homes have added to the demand, moving from homes to apartments. Although most people favor detached home ownership, many in the population cannot afford a single-family home.

Tax Deferred Exchange & Taxes

Q. We are making a tax deferred exchange of our commercial property up into a large apartment property. The apartments have some deferred maintenance so we would like to take some cash - about $40,000 - out of the transaction for some upgrades. My accountant now tells me that any money taken out of the transaction will be taxable to me. Is this true?

Securing Land For Any Project

Land is always at the top of investments by real estate professionals. Before any building project can be planned, the land must be available. At all times, real estate assemblers are looking at and acquiring under-utilized sites within cities or in suburbs. Here are some ideas on how those professionals do it.

Controlling Property With The Least Expense

A purchase-option contract lets the buyer-optionee purchase a property at a specific price within a certain period of time. If the option is exercised, a closing is held and the property is purchased at the price previously agreed upon. There is no legal obligation to buy the property. But, if the optionee does not exercise the option, the deposit paid to the seller-optionor is forfeited.

Choosing The Right Investment Property

No single property can fit all of the investment goals and rules an investor has set. Even if the investor tried to build a property to specifications, he would find some things "not quite right." The investor is, therefore, wise to anticipate problems and have some basic strategies for dealing with them.

Shopping Center Lease Standards

When leases for shopping centers are being drafted, they can be more difficult than most other commercial leases. In a shopping center, the owner wants the leases to be as uniform as possible, but knows that each lease must have variations to meet the individual tenant's particular problems in business and in certain size or shaped spaces.

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