Tax-Free Exchange Combined with a Build-To-Suit

There is a great deal of control that can be exercised over the type of property to be received in a tax-free exchange. In one case, the taxpayer designed a brand-new building for himself to replace property to be given by him in exchange. In addition, the taxpayer provided financing for the new building's construction.

Postponement Of Federal Taxes

The Internal Revenue Code contains two provisions that permit the postponement of tax on the exchange of business or income real estate. Even though the term "tax-free exchange" is commonly used to describe such exchanges, tax merely is deferred on such exchanges until the chain of exchange cycle is broken by a sale.

Profits From Investing In Land

Land is always a good investment for the long term. When investors made real estate investments, one consideration in past years was the tax shelter of certain investments. Now, with fewer shelters, real estate investments must make sense as a dollars and cents return on capital, and must stand alone as a good business move. Land has never been a tax advantaged investment and should be worth considering as a way to increase wealth. The trend has always been up.

Negative Cash Flow? It Could Be A Good Investment

Real estate activity is picking up throughout the country. Commercial real estate has been less affected than the loan problems in homes. If fact, apartments have benefited. But in investment properties, when cash expenses are more than cash receipts, there is negative cash flow. Most investors avoid properties where this is the situation, unless there are strong underlying economic factors that indicate the cash flow can become positive.

Keeping Employees Happy By Upgrading

Key executives were the ones who always had the "office with a view." Now, however, on modern buildings built in the past ten years the atrium is now one of the most popular (and expensive) amenities. It is popular because virtually every office can have a window view, either toward the conventional view, the outdoors, or toward the spaciousness and openness provided by the atrium. It is an example of "keeping key employees happy".

Contact Your Property Manager Before Your Investment

If you are about to acquire an income property, consider contacting the management company in advance. The ability to estimate income and expenses and a keen knowledge of the market makes the manager a valuable asset during the preacquisition process. The property manager has the background necessary to provide significant assistance in determining both the location, desirability and economic feasibility of a property.

A Three-Way Tax-Free Exchange

In a two-way exchange, the owner may use a deferred exchange, which sells the property for cash, which is then held by an intermediary until the owner chooses a replacement property. That property is then purchased for the owner by the intermediary. This may not be satisfactory because of the time limits in this type of exchange.

Pre-Leasing To Secure Construction Financing

Banks will be making some loans on real estate during this year. The borrower will have to have documentation on everything. The loan application must be perfect. Whether it's a new office building, industrial warehouse, retail shopping center, or high-rise residential apartment building, investors and lenders increasingly demand to see a substantial portion pre-leased before they are willing to put up construction money.

Making A Tax-Free Exchange Of Partnership Property

There are many limited partnerships that own rental property. Suppose a real estate limited partnership plans to sell rental property of the partnership to a third party and one or more of the partners wants to defer tax through a tax-free exchange (rather than receiving cash for their partnership interests). It is important that the proper procedure be followed so that an actual exchange takes place between the partners seeking a tax-free exchange and the third party.

Investing In Industrial Properties

If you haven't considered industrial properties as an investment vehicle, it may be time to take a look. Warehouse and distribution (W&D) properties are of interest because their standard layout suits a wide range of users, in contrast to specialized manufacturing facilities. Industrial properties look good for the following reasons:

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