Controlling Overdue Rents

A critical indicator of a management company's success is their effectiveness in controlling overdue rents. A well-run property should not have chronically delinquent tenants. However, when delinquency does occur, immediate action must be taken. A list of all delinquent rents must be prepared showing all tenants who have not paid, or for those who have partially paid rents and other monies due. In addition, a delinquency report recording the manner and date of all collection attempts should be prepared.

Is a High Risk Troubled Property Right For You?

In any market, good or bad, there are always problem properties. Most are only troubled or problem properties because of the current ownership. Some may be neglected only because the present owner has failed to do fairly simple things that can solve the problems. Buying property and solving problems is a profit-making business.

Development and Financing of Raw Land

When an investor purchases land to build on, the next step is land development and financing. "Land development" cannot be precisely defined; generally, it refers to the physical, legal, and engineering processes needed to convert raw land to land (or lots) on which buildings can be place

Considerations in Ground Leasing

Landowners may choose the ground lease as a way to benefit an easy and risk-free investment vehicle and as a way to secure the long-term appreciation of the property.

A Comfort Zone in Loans and Investments

Each investor has a "comfort zone" about loans. The leverage seeker wants the largest loan that is practical. Others may have experience or training that calls for no loans at all. They must have the property free and clear.

Taking Over a Neglected Investment Property

It is hard to believe that someone can totally neglect a valuable investment property like a multi-unit apartment. It happens. The run down property may have been acquired from a seller who did not understand real estate investments and failed to manage it at all.

Getting Tenants into a Difficult Property

When an investment property is located in an overbuilt market, the marketing effort must have good planning and direction. Just throwing large amounts of money into the effort can be a waste. Rather than broad advertising, a narrower action may be required. Keeping the local brokers who specialize in leasing constantly updated about the amenities of a certain building may be the best way to make it more marketable.

Apartments are the Favorite Investment

Investors purchase income producing real estate to make money. Apartment properties, as always, continue to be the favorite investment property for many investors

Advantages and Risks of Single Tenant Properties

Around 25% to 35% of the value of commercial properties are single-tenant properties (STPs). This large percentage means that institutional investors such as pension funds, as well as smaller investment groups must consider this type of investment. There are many uses ranging from office to industrial to retail. They can include office buildings, warehouses, department stores, supermarkets and other retail use. There are advantages and disadvantages in this type of ownership compared to multi-tenant properties.

The Job of an Asset Manager

Owners of large portfolios of investment properties will usually call on asset managers when they need to make strategic business decisions involving management of these properties. Areas of concern are overall leasing strategy involving rental rates and tenant concessions, in addition to repositioning or redevelopment, tenant mix, managing bulk service contracts.

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