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Selling and leasing real estate in the Harrisburg Area for over 35 years, I recognized early on that success in this industry is not achieved by just great sales skills and knowledge alone, you must also look at what support systems operate behind the scenes to bolster the prospects of a timely and profitable return on a property   I believe one’s sales success comes from 50% sales skills and knowledge, and 50% from the system and people in which the salesperson works and relies.

Time management is an important component to manage and complete all my daily client and prospect communications and sales activities.  To insure these important tasks are completed timely and effectively, I am very disciplined working with my customized contact data base system that keeps me extremely efficient and organized by managing every call, meeting, showing, email, and other tasks I need to accomplish daily.  This system allows me to provide excellent client contact management and follow up, reliably manage crucial contract dates, and keep an historic record of all my communications, sales and marketing activities.

How my team functions and operates to benefit you is a key component to our success.  We developed and devised my team’s system of operation over 30 years ago. It is constantly refined and improved upon as the demands of the market, technology, and industry change.  Our system is effective, efficient, and disciplined which ensures accountability and ongoing communication in all aspects of a transaction. And most importantly it provides our clients with results they expect and deserve and makes the process of marketing and selling your real estate investment as seamless and stress free as possible.


Brief Overview of Our Services and Processes


  • Evaluate your property and propose a contract listing price and list the property
  • Process the listing in our company data base and input property information on various websites for commercial real estate including, CoStar, Crexi, and and order signage
  • Develop and implement marketing materials, strategies and schedules, including social media, mail pieces, cold calls and advertising
  • Schedule monthly calls to update you regarding marketing efforts, showings, interested prospects, prospect feedback on properties, etc.
  • Show properties and schedule follow ups with prospects
  • Present all offers
  • Negotiate the sale or lease of the property
  • Manage the transaction through financing and due diligent processes including appraisals, land development plans, property inspections, meetings with contractors and environmental audits
  • Manage the closing process of the transaction whether it be a sale settlement or a lease execution



We Get the Results You Expect and Deserve

Please call or email me for more details as to how my team and I can work for you!

E: [email protected]
P: 717 761 5070